Service & Repairs

When it comes to servicing your Hero we are here to help. Hero does not have a service shop in every major city; however, Hero has been designing scooters to make part replacement painless. Hero manufacturer is continually looking for ways to make service on your Hero easy and effortless. Major repairs such as battery replacement are rarely required. Most parts are replaceable with one bolt and fast wire disconnects. Most customers can easily replace any outer part with videos and instructions we provide. We have most of our parts listed on our website so getting a replacement is a click away. If major repairs are needed, your Hero can be sent back to us. We will provide you with a shipping label. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer, but our customers have the benefit of shipping their Hero back to us at our discounted commercial rate. For your convenience, we can arrange UPS pickup and return to your door. Our reasonable repair rate will vary depending on the service needed.