Hero Rider USA provides a 12 month product warranty. We keep all major parts in stock for warranty and non-warranty related replacement. Warranty covers defective parts and shipping you a new replacement part after the technical team determines what may be the problem. Normal wear and tear and damages caused by abuse, accident, lack of reasonable care, non-observance of the instructions for use, poor maintenance and modification of the product are not covered under the warranty. Hero scooters are IP54 water resistant certified, not waterproof. Factory does not cover any flood damage due to not knowing if the product was submerged or used in excessive water conditions. (This is standard across the industry.)

Hero Rider USA will not be responsible for any costs, losses, injuries, or damages incurred as a result of loss of use of this product.

Limited Warranty 

No unauthorized modifications can be made to Hero scooters, its performance or otherwise, in order for this Limited 12 Month Warranty to remain valid.

No payment will be given for inconvenience, loss of time, loss of use, any delivery cost, incidental or consequential damages.

Warranty is void if product suffers weather-related water damage. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure proper storage and protection from the weather.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty does not cover any minor surface marks, tears, rips, flat tires or other cosmetic damages resulting from normal use, or other intentional or unintentional damages to the product.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty will not cover any damages to the scooter caused by the use of improper cleaners, chemicals or solvents. It also does not cover water damage, smoke or soot, or any harm to the product resulting from exposure to saltwater or sea salt.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty will not cover any cosmetic damage which results from ageing. This includes fading of paint, deterioration of plated surfaces, deterioration of rubber or plastics or rusting.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty does not cover incorrect repair or problem misdiagnoses.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty only covers the following parts: motor, battery, controller and LCD display. It excludes damages from rider’s usage. This is standard across the industry.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty does not cover damage that results from misuse or neglect, use other than as specified in the Owner’s Manual or use under abnormal conditions.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty does not cover damages which result from accidents or any form of personal negligence.

Warranty does not cover nuts, bolts, screws, wear and tear.

This Limited 12 Month Warranty is non-transferable after the initial sale of the product. Original buyer must present proof of purchase.

Accessories Warranty is 30 days for all aftermarket accessories or scooter additions that are listed on Hero Rider USA website.

This warranty covers shipping cost of new replacement parts, not labor cost.

Returns: If you change your mind, returns can only be made within 7 days of receiving the Hero scooter. The product must be in new condition and in original packaging. We do ask the buyer to return the scooter to us at buyers expense. Please understand that we pay the cost to ship it to you one way and we understand that anything can happen where you change your mind or an emergency situation comes up. If the scooter arrives with small damage from shipping, we will replace the part at no cost to you. Most shipping damages are minor and can be fixed in minutes with one or two bolts. In case the Hero product has a manufacturer recall on some part, we will provide you the new part free of charge. Hero Rider USA will not accept the return of used scooters.

At Hero Rider USA we want to provide exceptional customer service and a fast response. Our goal is to deliver a product that will ensure 100% customer satisfaction in both the product quality and customer service. At Hero Rider USA you will get best prices on parts on the market today. We aim to beat any competitor prices.